10 MAY

Plenary 1

10:50   Call to Order and Welcome

11:10   Opening

11:20   Courage and Perseverance in Difficult Times

11:45   A Systemic Transformation of the World

12:15   Remarks

12:30   Lunchtime and networking

13:55   Call to Order – A World for Travel

14:00   Covid-19: A Resilient Sector Drives to a New Deal with New Leadership Demands
Governments and industry must step up with new leadership. Provide guidance on how to implement travel allowances and travel bans – how to manage a severe crisis.

14:40   Tourist Go Home, Tourist Come Back
Destinations around the world were once trying to keep tourists away, now do they want them back?  How are governments balancing tourism and local citizenry demands?  How are NGOs playing a role in governance and the local economy of destinations?

15:20   Break 15’

15:30   “Climate Revolution”
Adapting to the world’s new geography- Coastlines are being reshaped, destinations are adapting to new weather patterns, how will the industry adjust?

16:15   “Localization vs globalization or Glocalisation”
How to share space and value

17:00   End of Plenary Session day 1

Breakouts // Workshops

Shifting Climate Changes Impact on Tourism

water availability, extreme temperature, weather crisis, natural risks. Over the next decade which areas will be most affected and how will tourism be impacted?

Risk mitigation and health issues and the impact on travel planning

pandemic, global prevention, medical resources, knowledge sharing, international cooperation…

Tourism’s Impact on the environment

How can we ensure preservation of local environments and co-existence of biodiversity and the local economy

Travel, Peacekeeper and Smart Power

Awareness, diversity, exchanges, protection of cultural and natural Heritage

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11 MAY

Plenary 2 

08:45   Welcome: A World for Travel

08:50   Welcome Address – Évora

09:00   Welcome Address – Turismo do Alentejo

09:10   Special Remarks

09:30   «Sustainable Tourism Plan 2020-2023»

09:40   How European countries collaborate to move forward and organize a fluid domestic European market
Collaboration and uniformity amongst the European states will be the strength that lifts these countries up, is it achievable? Session in cooperation with the European Travel Commission

10:20   Communicating with the New World Traveller
The demand trends, the global sustainable changes focused on security, climate, nature protection, healthy practices – Consultant report

11:05   Break 10′

11:15   Sustainable Tourism means industry reorganization
How will new economical levers and sustainable employment adjust going forward? What will drive new leadership help transform the industry?

11:55   New Governance for Safe, Sustainable Travel

12:35   Shared Economy Players’ Contribution to the Transformation of Tourism

13:15   Long term investments and payback: a new model and new risks
New financial mechanisms for the whole supply chain; SME and forgotten sectors

13:45   Lunchtime and networking

14:45   Remarks – Emcees will orchestrate the reporting from the workshops
Report from side events and Breakouts and synthesis

15:15   “A COP in Advance” for Safe and Sustainable Travel

15:30   “Spirit of Evora” resolutions propositions and vote  – Announcing of the 5 Urgent Acts Agreed Upon

16:00   “Spirit of Evora” Awards
Granted to a personality or an organization having achieved a remarkable transformation

16:30   Conclusion

16:40   End of forum

Breakouts // Workshops

Tourism’s Positive impact

on the evolution of society particularly around equal rights, tolerance, and the deliverance of basic needs such as work, food, shelter, education and medical attention.

Reorganizing the Travel Industry integrating the Shared Economy

and new transport facilities

Revising the Travel Model

The travel economy model is based on density and time. How can we explore a new model? Will it change and how?

Better Than Good Enough Technology

providing the best affordable sustainable solutions to travel industry

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