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29th October 2022

Departure from Nîmes to Aigues Mortes

10:00 – 12:30
The safaris of Camargue Autrement are an open roof immersion, the sky at your fingertips. Move from dream to reality in this mythical and mystical place where our guides will awaken and revive your senses for unforgettable memories.
Imagine going on an adventure aboard our 4X4 for a half-day safari. At each stage of our excursions, immerse yourself in the heart of authentic landscapes giving you discoveries as beautiful as unexpected. Let yourself be amazed, at the bend of a beaten path, by a flight of flamingos.
The senses awaken, continue your escape for the delight of the pupils and taste buds. Taste the pleasure of a visit to the manade (breeding horses and bulls) and stop for a gourmet break (AOC bull sausage, Aigues-Mortes fougasse…).
Then, let yourself be carried in this country, in the middle of the marshes of the Old Vistres, through the rice fields, along the ponds and canals. You will be transported out of time in the heart of the medieval city of Aigues-Mortes. And, come and enjoy a stop in the Mas bicentenaire du Notaire, where you will taste local wines. With us, you will dream with your eyes open!

13:00 – 14:30

Lunch on Place Saint Louis


With its almost square shape and an area of about 1800 m², Place Saint-Louis occupies a central place inside the ramparts of Aigues-Mortes. It takes its name from King Louis IX. Also called King Saint-Louis, it was in fact he who ordered the construction of the ramparts of Aigues-Mortes.
A bronze statue erected in his effigy pays tribute to him since 1849. This one was made by the sculptor Pradier on a commission from the city. The emblem has since been decorated with a fountain, the water having not reached the ramparts until 1896. The entire Place Saint-Louis d’Aigues-Mortes is classified as a «Historical Monument».
The place is full of sellers of local products, as well as restaurants and other shops. The town hall and the tourist office also sit there. The square houses a contemporary art gallery and marks the starting point for the Capuchin chapel.

14:30 – 16:30

Tour of the tower and ramparts
On the assault of the Constance Tower, come stroll on the medieval fortifications.
The city is connected by a canal to the Mediterranean: Saint Louis is the first king of France to benefit from a port in the south. From there he left for the Crusades in 1248 and 1270. Gradually enslaved, Aigues-Mortes transformed his towers into prisons. After the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, Protestants were imprisoned there.
The city experienced a new expansion from 1875 with the creation of a vineyard sheltered from phylloxera and the fashion of sea bathing.


Departure from the Aigues Mortes to Nîmes.

29th October 2022

Departure from Nîmes to Villeneuve Les Avignon

10:00 – 11:30
Visit of the Pontifical Charterhouse of the Blessed Valley
Monastery founded in the 14th century by Pope Innocent VI who, after his election, donated his land and the mansion to the Order of Chartreux. Harmonious alternation of enclosed spaces and open spaces.
Its three cloisters make it the largest chartreuse of France with a perimeter of 1560 meters.
Cultural Center of Encounters, it houses in its walls the National Center of the Scriptures of the Show since 1991. Espace 3D Chartreuse – Open access digital applications for public manipulation.
Come discover in 3D several architectural elements disappeared or inaccessible, as well as the paintings and furniture scattered in museums since the French Revolution. The eighteenth decorations of the sanctuary, the choir of the Fathers, the choir of the Brothers, the chapel of the Trinity and that of the Annunciation are thus revealed.
The Saint-Bénézet bridge – Avignon bridge – in its river landscape from Avignon to Villeneuve lez Avignon is also restored.
The Chartreuse is also discovered by strolling in its 10 gardens open to the visit: simple gardens, pleasure, cloisters, cemetery, summer garden, winter garden, alley of mulberry trees…

11:30 – 14:00
Olive oil tasting and lunch at the Bistrot du Moulin
For more than 650 years, the Moulin de la Chartreuse has always been in operation, until 2018, except during the French Revolution: the Terres de l’Eglise are requisitioned and production was interrupted about twenty years before being taken over by private families. The buildings of the Moulin de la Chartreuse are inscribed in the Historical Heritage of France since 2009. In 2018, not being able to bring this heritage building up to standard, the crushing of olives was outsourced. To date, we have been able to design our vats on site for our assemblies and bottling
Passionate about olive oil and olive trees, Philippe BRONZINI brings a new life to the Moulin by modernizing it and developing new cuvées, as subtle and tasty as each other.
Since 2019 Philippe Bronzini has moved manufacturing to another mill in order to guarantee the requested sanitary measures. The old mill was transformed into a showroom space at Athezza where you can enjoy a tea or a drink with friends or family.
Attached to the old mill, located in the vaulted rooms of the old kitchens and stables of the Chartreuse, the Boutique du Moulin offers, next to the Extra Virgin Olive Oils, a selection of regional products, decorative objects, accessories and the cosmetic range of Maison Bronzini
Daily visits and tastings are organised.

14:30 – 16:30
Visit of Fort Saint-André
At the heart of Fort Saint-André, which dominates Villeneuve-lez-Avignon (Gard), the Benedictine and Royal Abbey of Saint-André opens its magnificent terraced gardens and abbey palace to visitors. A rare place that mixes, with harmony, the art of gardens, a mosaic of heritage and the history of Languedoc and Provence since the sixth century. Free or guided tour from March 1 to November 1.
Art and music are also regularly invited to the abbey. Moments not to be missed
The gardens
Awarded the “Remarkable Garden” label in 2014, the abbey’s gardens are spread between the remains of Romanesque churches and the tombs of the sixth century: Mediterranean plants, olive trees and pine trees. At the foot of the palace, a 16th-century Tuscan-style parterre decorated with basins, vases and sculptures runs along a pergola covered with wisteria and roses. On the heights of Mount Andaon, these balcony gardens offer panoramic views of the Palais des Papes d’Avignon.

Departure from the Villeneuve les Avignon to Nîmes.

29th October 2022

9:00 AM
Appointment with our guide at the hotel lobby and departure for a walking tour into the city of Nîmes.
Explore the universe of gladiators and get inside one of the best-preserved amphitheater of the Roman world, built in the 1st century CE. Then continuation to the historical heart of the city, a walk through the ages and architectures. Have a short gourmet break at the Halles, the covered market. Back to the Roman heritage with a stop in front of Maison Carrée.  Built at the beginning of the first century CE, this temple was dedicated to the imperial cult. Inspired by the temples of Apollo and Mars Ultor in Rome, the Maison Carrée impresses the eye with its harmonious proportions and the majestic quality that emanates from this exceptional monument which has applied to UNESCO become a World Heritage building. The guide will lead you to the peaceful Jardin de la Fontaine, a public garden with the ancient remains of a sanctuary dedicated to the roman emperors, and dominated by the Tour Magne, the highest tower of the ancient city walls.

If you are interested in one of these trips, please contact [email protected]