Road to Evora

Today, as bicycle deliverer in a local Nantes cooperative in the Loire district in France (Les Coursiers Nantais), I am addicted to riding but even more to traveling by bicycle! Educated by travel, nature and sport, traveling and cycling are obvious to me. The freedom this provides is unmatched, so is the flexibility. Travelling by bike is to be a spectator of all regions, all cities, seas and mountains.

A place moves you ? You stop there and enjoy it until the next day. Are you enlighted by a city ? You stay there 1 more day. The only limit is that of your desires and motivation.

It is also an extraordinary way to meet people, to discover people and their authenticity. It’s when you meet people that you really meet their land and their roots.

It is for all of these reasons that I am particularly proud to represent the Evora Forum. The challenge ahead is as ambitious as it is reachable just as much as the one launched by the organizers of the forum and that motivates me even more. We will never stop traveling, our openness depends on it, but it is up to all of us not to lose control, and to make the ecological alternatives of tourism work.

Isaure Delom

Isaure Delom
From Nantes to Evora
Step by step

Her trip

Step 1  : Nantes > La Rochelle
Step 2 : La Rochelle > St Georges de Didonne (Royan)
Step 3 : St Georges de Didonne > Bordeaux
Step 4 : Bordeaux > Biscarrosse
Step 5 : Biscarrosse > Cap Breton > Bayonne
Step 6 : Bayonne > San Sebastian
Step 7 : San Sebastian > Durango
Step 8 : Durango > Bilbao
Step 9 : Bilbao > Vitoria Gasteis
Step 10 : Vitoria Gasteis >  Valladolid
Step 11 : Valladolid > Salamanca
Step 12 : Salamanca > Cáceres
Step 13 : Cáceres > Badajoz
Step 14 : Badajoz > Évora

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