Dragana Kokot

Dragona Kokot

Secretary General, Chamber of Commerce, Republic of SRPSKA
Bosnia Herzegovinia

Dragana Kokot is the Secretary General of the Republika Srpska (RS) Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She lives and works in Banja Luka and has graduated from the Faculty of Law.  Ms. Kokot is an experienced public servant, representing the interests of the local economy and working on proposals, amendments, and adoption of diversified regulations aimed at the maximization of economic potential within this area.

Additionally, she is actively engaged in events encompassing business conferences, bilateral meetings, missions, fairs, and education. Currently, her scope of work includes project coordination implemented by the RS Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with a special emphasis on advising business stakeholders and disseminating relevant economic information to the public. Ms. Kokot also works as the Secretary General of the Arbitration Courts in the RS Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the tasks of organizing, monitoring, and resolving economic-based disputes.

Recently, she has been engaged in activities promoting the principle of “learning by doing”, hence resolving one of the most pressing social issues—the shortage of a workforce. In specific, this was implemented in vocational schools by introducing the dual system of education, as well as developing and implementing training programs for adults to align their skills with the market requirements. Aside from business ethics and economic prosperity, Ms. Kokot is interested in women’s empowerment in business operations, and therefore holds the position of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Council President (RS Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and is a member of the Enterprise Europe Network.

She is also the President of Technical Committee 55—Institute for Standardization of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ISO). Ms. Kokot is responsible for the regional certification program of local self-governing governmental units, which is a part of the wider network associated with Business-Friendly Certificate Southeast Europe.

She is a true professional with an extensive network of acquaintances and collaborative lines, committed to resolving economic and women’s empowerment issues in the local communities and the region.