Jennifer Ruiz

Jennifer Ruiz

Director, Global Tourism Innovation Hub, Mastercard

Jennifer is the Solutions Architect Director at the Mastercard Global Tourism Innovation Hub with the purpose of developing tourism and travel at a global level, while making the industry more resilient, sustainable and inclusive​. In her role, she is responsible to support the design of tourism strategies for governments and manage the tourism product portfolio, with a strong focus on sustainability.

Prior to this position, she worked at Mastercard Advisors, where she led strategy consulting engagements for different clients (banks, merchants, etc).

Before joining Mastercard, Jennifer worked as a strategy consultant at Accenture Strategy, with expertise in sustainability and business strategy across large corporates and governments, spanning Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. She was also seconded at the World Economic Forum (Geneva, Switzerland), where she led the “Accelerating Sustainable Production” project.

Jennifer holds degrees in Business Administration and Law from Carlos III University (Madrid, Spain) and a Certificate in Business Strategy by INSEAD.