Sabina Šahman Salihbegović

Sabina Sahman

Minister of Tourism and Environment, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia Herzegovina

Sabina Šahman – Salihbegović graduated from the Faculty of the Electrical Engineering University of Sarajevo in 1990 and completed her master’s studies in industrial ecology in 2011 with a thesis titled: “Modelling the impact of thermal power plants on air quality in Tuzla canton correlated with reduction costs and damage to health”.

She is an experienced professional in the areas of environment and tourism, with16 years of experience in the public sector and an extensive portfolio pertaining to coastal area management, environmental protection, economic reforms, and EU integration. In specific, Ms. Šahman – Salihbegović worked on developing Tourism Development Strategy for the entity of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH); she was an Advisory Committee member in the project “Think of Nature”; and coordinated the National Commission for UNESCO, as well as the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism’s Program of Economic Reform and EU Integration.  Among these job positions, her professional career included jobs as a teacher, project manager, coordinator, national correspondent, and expert adviser on a variety of environmental protection and sustainability-related projects. Some of the publications include assessing the issues of pollutant transport and its impact on health; trends in the development of machinery and associated technology; management of medical waste in the region, and others.

Additionally, Ms. Šahman – Salihbegović throughout her career actively works with NGO, governments, and the private sector, contributing to the process of harmonization at all governmental levels (i.e., Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, UPI-INVEST Sarajevo, High school).