Mirza Hujic

Assistant Minister – Sector for water resources, tourism and environmental protection 

Ministry of foreign trade and economic relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina


 Mr. Mirza Hujić is a distinguished speaker at the forefront of climate change adaptation efforts in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently serving as the Assistant Minister in the Sector for Water Resources, Tourism, and Environmental Protection since May 2019, his career in public service has been marked by unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability and economic development.

Prior to his current role, Mr. Hujić held the position of Acting Assistant Minister for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship and headed the Conformity Assessment Department within the same ministry. With roots in the private sector, he began his career in a renowned domestic logistics company in Sarajevo, gaining valuable expertise in export-import matters.

Mr. Hujić’s academic accomplishments include a Master of Laws degree from Bosnia and Herzegovina and participation in several prestigious international training courses, including those offered by the World Trade Organization, the Swedish Institute for Public Administration, TUV Thuringen, and others.

As a prominent figure in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s environmental landscape, Mr. Hujić’s current focus is on tackling pressing challenges. These include revitalizing the tourism sector, formulating a strategic framework for sustainable tourism development, crafting the Environmental Strategy of Bosnia and Herzegovina with an accompanying Action Plan – ESAP2030+, advancing the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans, and authoring the Umbrella Report on the state of the water sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Additionally, he is spearheading efforts to meet the prerequisites for EU IPA assistance instruments.

Mr. Hujić’s insights and initiatives are driving transformative change in the region, making him a vital contributor to the global discourse on climate change adaptation.