H.E. Nasiha Pozder

Nasiha Pozder

Minister of Environment and Tourism, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Ms. Nasiha Pozder serves as Minister of Environment and Tourism of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her ministerial portfolio includes sustainable tourism development, environmental permitting and conservation, oversight of protected areas and the Environment Fund, and promoting tourism growth, jobs and investments.

Dr. Pozder holds a Doctorate in Architecture and Urbanism and a Master Architectural Engineering from the University of Sarajevo. She assumed her position in May 2023 after serving for four years as a Member of the Parliament in the Federation House of Representatives where she held various committee roles, including Physical Planning, Housing and Communal Policy, Ecology and Tourism, Science, Culture and Sport. 

Prior to joining government, she served as professor of architecture in the country’s leading University of Sarajevo. Earlier, she contributed to various design and regeneration initiatives as advisor or leader of various private sector and local government projects. She also served as technical advisor to international organizations such as the World Bank Group, UNDP and the German Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung.

Since 2009, she has been active with the Institute of Architecture, Urban Planning, and Spatial Planning, where she contributed to, among other areas, preparation of spatial planning documents for cities across Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has also authored numerous scientific papers, studies, and publications in the field of urbanism and spatial planning. Her research interests include sustainable tourism, smart city solutions, criteria for traditional facilities, and transformation of abandoned industrial areas (brownfield investments).

Dr. Pozder is a widely recognized expert in sustainable development and Smart City solutions. In this area, she has collaborated with esteemed universities in various countries such as TU Stuttgart, TU Vienna, TU Istanbul, and Inalco Sorbonne Paris. Stemming from her belief that prioritizing environmental protection is crucial for a healthy society and economic success, she is an avid advocate for environmental protection, with a track record spearheading conservation initiatives at the federal and local levels.