Marina Delgado

Head of Tourism Quality and Innovation Service


Marina Delgado heads the Tourism Quality and Innovation Service within the Regional Government of Andalusia and is responsible for shaping strategy on areas such as quality assurance, accessibility enhancement, innovation, promotion of the European agenda, and developing specific training plans for the industry. She contributes to pivotal projects related to tourism governance, projects which encompass critical issues such as managing the challenges of intensive tourism, addressing the impacts of climate change on Destination Management Organisations (DMOs), and closely monitoring tourism policies within the European Union.

She has degrees in both English Philology and Information and Documentation Sciences and is a respected expert contributor, playing a pivotal role in crafting the Opinion of the Committee of the Regions titled “Towards a more sustainable tourism for EU cities and regions”. An active supporter of Andalusia’s leadership role within NECSTOUR, Marina’s dedication to fostering sustainable and accessible tourism in Andalusia is commendable and reflects her commitment to the region’s continued growth and prosperity.